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Seminars given by Prof. Dr. H. Hillmer in summer semester 2014

Course Targets:

  • To learn presentation techniques and to obtain presentation practice.
  • To learn to structure a talk and to transfer the essentials to the audience.
  • To learn to get familiar with an unknown special and advanced topic and to condense the new knowledge in a seminar talk and present it in front of the lecturer and other students.
  • To learn to present within a time frame of 20 minutes.
  • To learn to use PowerPoint and Beamer.


Each participant prepares a test presentation (20 minutes presentation + 20 minutes discussion and criticism) which he/she is giving in INA. Later, the final presentation (20 minutes) is held in front of all other participants of the seminar and guests. Students should listen to at least 6-10 presentations given by other students! The marking is done after all presentations have been given. This presentation is the actual exam which is going to be certified by a mark/credits . Presentation may be held in English or German.


1. Test presentation - Monday 04.08.2014 8 am (to be announced)


1. Final presentations - Monday 25.08.2014 8 am (to be announced)









Important Information for ONTE Students: Your Test and Final Presentation are according to prior agreement!

You will be informed via email a few days before the 17th February 2014 and before 3rd March 2014 about your personal time slots for your presentations.
Therefore please check your emails constantly and make sure that the email address you have indicated in OKA/HIS is still valid and often used by you!!!


                                HPS, INA, R 3107 (seminar room)



                                will be indicated or directly given by Prof. H. Hillmer


How to book a topic from the list:

Please click on one of these 4 PDF files to see which topics each seminar includes. After you have chosen a topic (corresponding to the seminar you have registered for) you have to remember the number and need to check on the registration site if your desired topic is still available. If it is not booked yet, you can insert the number of the topic, your first and last name, course of studies, matriculation number and your current email address.

We need your personal data to contact you concerning the date and time for your presentation and to reserve the topic for you. It will not be given to a third party for advertising or publication. We will just use it for examination purposes.

I would kindly ask you to book only one topic. Be sure that this is the topic you really want to give a presentation on and do not forget to register in OKA or HIS. If you fail to do so, you are not officially registered and do not get a mark/credit for this seminar!!!


Studentenseminar Elektronik und Optoelektronik #5269 SS 14


Studentenseminar Elektronik und Photonik #5273 SS 14


Studentenseminar Mikrosystemtechnik und Nanotechnologie #2218 SS 14


Seminar in Optoelectronics I + II #3180  SS 14



To the registration SS 2014

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